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A Golden Visa that allows you to live legally in Europe.

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Emigrating is not an easy process.
I know this from personal experience.

The reasons that make you consider doing it appears in your mind every time you read the news, watch the social networks or talk to friends, clients or family:

  •  Political and economic instability in your country.
  • The personal and legal insecurity that gets worse every day.
  • The search for better educational options for your children.
  • Planning a retirement with the guarantee of an optimal health system.
  • The survival of your business, hit by laws that threaten property…

I could list a few more… Have you asked yourself if it would be wise to consider a plan B in case you need it? I want to tell you that it is.

Imagine that one day those fears come true. And you definitely need to leave your country, but you have no way of doing so with a legal status. You never considered that this moment would come, you didn’t plan and here begins the paperwork, management, investigation of options and time is running out.

Imagine now that moving to another country is just a matter of taking the decision, packing your bags, filling a container with your belongings, taking a plane, going through immigration and arriving at your new home. There is a difference, a very big one indeed. At Ribeiro, a consultancy specialized in Golden Visa for Spain and Portugal, we help you get what you need to live legally in Europe: we take care of everything.

We are Ribeiro Advice on Visas for Investors

I work accompanying my clients through the entire process required by the Spanish and Portuguese authorities to obtain the Golden Visa, helping them to find the investment that best suits their interests and lifestyle, guiding them personally throughout the process of adaptation to the new environment. Because it is easier to emigrate having someone to help you choose the best place to live, or a school for your children.

How do I help my clients?

As a Golden Visa consultancy in Spain and Portugal I can offer you all the support you need. Contact me and discover how you can obtain a residence visa in Spain and Portugal that allows you to have the peace of mind of knowing that you have a safe place to go if you need it.

Why choose us?

Our services include the previous advice for the choice of the place and afterwards the guidance to the decision taken.

Personalised advice

We design a personalized plan for you to take the best decisions.

During the whole process

From the departure until everything is ready to live in the chosen place.

With the best professionals

We work with the best legal, real estate and financial advisors.

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